What’s new in ScribeWare

Please note these changes pertain to ScribeWare version 4.

If you are running version 3.x and would like to upgrade, simply go to https://getscribeware.com/download, click on the Download button and install the program.   Any questions?  Contact us at support@getscribeware.com!


  • We now support .mov and .avi files!   If there’s a type of video that you’ve had trouble importing into ScribeWare, please let us know!


  • You can now selectively switch on and off the “How to Read this Report” and “Scope and Purpose of this Report” sections of the report template. We have more advanced customizations in the works, so this can be considered a stop-gap measure for those of you who need it.
  • Settings such as “Invoice Items” are saved per report template, instead of per-user.


  • Images and videos can now be dragged into a report from outside of ScribeWare!


  • Fixed issue with changing media folders clearing the used media markers.


  • Added support for ASF videos!



  • We now support videos!   Any .MP4 and .AVI videos included in your media folder can be dragged to your report.   These will only show up online, due to the inherent nature of videos.  If you or your client prints the report, the video will appear as a thumbnail representation.
  • You can now re-order media in a report.   Simply drag it into the place you want it to appear.   Dragging between sections and observations also works.
  • Sewer Scopes are now supported!  If you’re doing sewer scopes as a part of your business, or would like to, email us at support@getscribeware.com for more information.
  • The default ink color while editing an image has been changed from white to blue.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve vastly improved the photo editing process.   Cropping towards the edge of a picture should no longer show a black box, and editing a photo multiple times will keep updating the image shown in the report.
  • And many other minor bugs have been fixed.



Welcome to ScribeWare version 4!  

We’ve been around for a while, and working off a platform that was originally designed for a few people but has rapidly grown beyond that.   Version 4 was our chance to fundamentally shift the way you write reports, to make it faster, easier and of a higher quality than was ever possible.

We are continually focused on improving our platform.  Please, don’t hesitate to let us know if you run into issues or have an idea of some way we can serve you better.  Simply email us at support@getscribeware.com.