ScribeWare Education

ScribeWare co-founder Dylan Chalk started sharing his knowledge to the home inspection community through a blog, podcast, and continuing education classes long before he and his buddy Steve Lamb started to build the best inspection software that could be built. And he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The reality is that sharing professional best practices with the home inspection community at large is central to the whole point of ScribeWare: build the best inspection report software, and build it with templates, pre-written comments, and prompts, so that it actually helps inspectors be better at their job. 

Work smarter, not harder.

InspectIt is closing down on June 31st.   And we know how difficult it is to switch software.  We’re here to help make it as easy as possible! With ScribeWare, you can have the same checkbox style reports you’re accustomed to, but with a modern interface, fast report writing and beautiful reports! And, we’ll import […]

The syncing of data, images, and videos usually happens behind the scenes automatically and without a hitch. If you are working in the field on a mobile device and you have a good cell or wifi connection, the data will sync as you go – see this video. The great thing about the mobile app […]

Understanding the ScribeWare Template

What is a Template? Another way to think of a ScribeWare template is that it is the starting place you would like to serve up to you or your company every time you start a new report. Because a report template can be so easily modified to suit each job, templates are not written in […]

Photo Annotation for iOS Devices

One of the things I love best about ScribeWare is the community of inspectors working together to help each other. One of the features we are hoping to improve is photo annotation on mobile. In the meantime, Scriber Michael Hazlett has come up with a nice little workaround for iOS devices. The text below is […]

How to Optimize Voice-to-Text for Home Inspection and the Power of Airplane Mode Using Voice To Text to Write Your Building Inspection Reports Often considered the Holy Grail for inspection report writing solutions, voice-to-text has struggled to live up to expectations. If your typing skills even remotely resemble my feeble hunting and pecking, you too […]

Custom header color ScribeWare

Difficulty  2/5 Creating custom home inspection reports is easy with ScribeWare.  But what if you want to change the look of your report and customize it for your business, logo, or color scheme?  ScribeWare has a powerful feature that allows each home inspector the ability to individually customize the entire report with CSS.   What […]

This article is designed as a series of tutorial videos to walk anyone through the steps needed to write great home inspection reports. Once you download your ScribeWare trial, play around with the software to see how easy it is to produce and publish a great inspection report. The software is designed to be as […]

Got Mold?

Reporting on mold conditions noted during a home inspection can be tricky for myriad reasons. There is no one way to go about writing a mold comment and likely many correct ways. This article unpacks a strategy I used recently to try and cover all the contingencies in a single comment as well as make […]

In ScribeWare 5.70, you can now call out a particularly important detail of an image with our new Magnifier functionality! Simply edit an image, and click on the new “Magnifier” tool.   Add the highlighted area, using your mouse to pan to the right section and your mouse wheel or the zoom handle magnify the […]

In ScribeWare version 5.68, we’re introducing an often requested feature we’re calling “report review”! Let’s say you’re out in the field, busily filling out a report while your client is talking your ear off, and you make some quick notes that you want to review later.   Sound familiar? Well, simply hit the new “flag” […]

Use This Flow Chart To Get Them Right! The way most home inspectors are trained to understand the difference between sub-panel wiring and main panel wiring is that once you have a sub-panel, the equipment grounds (green covered or bare wires) should be separated from the neutral conductors (the white ones) and the neutrals should […]

Cold Roof Condensation

Is My Roof Leaking? If you are a home inspector, you have experienced the amazing reflective properties of PVC and EPDM, white roofing membranes. In the summer heat, with some of the more traditional (older) modified bitumen black roofing membranes, you could burn your hand when getting onto the roof for inspection. By contrast, I […]